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Mortgages for young families

Mortgages for young families. What is the program "a young family - affordable housing"?

Mortgage programs for young families

Mortgage for young family has long been a loyal assistant to acquire housing. Try to understand how to buy apartments that are available for young families.

First sort out the wording. Do not confuse mortgage program "Mortgage - young families" of the Savings Bank (some other banks have also introduced similar programs mortgage) and state programs provide housing for young families, entitled "Young family - affordable housing." They are very different, the State program is designed for waiting: they, in accordance with the program "Young family - affordable housing," housing is provided on concessional terms, and the program "Mortgage - young families" of the Savings Bank - conventional mortgages.

At present, there are three ways to purchase housing young families. All of them, in spite of a number of crises in the economy of the country, continue to be relevant in the current year 2012.

1. Buying a home, a young family in a commercial bank

This option to purchase housing case in point leader in mortgage lending - the Savings Bank and its program "Mortgage - a young family."

Sberbankovskie program "Mortgage - a young family" are not separate programs, and extend the capabilities of the borrowers (the appropriate age and marital status) on "housing loans":

  • Loans for real estate;
  • "Mortgage" loan;
  • Loan "Mortgage +.

The program "Mortgage - a young family" has a number of features that sets them apart from other loan programs Savings:

1. As the co-borrowers on the loan "Young Family" may be considered income not only "young couple" and parents of each spouse (which may be important in determining the maximum loan amount).


in the case of co-borrowers are spouses and parent (s), in the calculation of the solvency of each of the co-borrower's income other than spouses, the main job may be made more types of income, and in the calculation of the solvency of each of the co-borrowers, parents may be taken only income received by them one job (retirement);

in the case of co-borrowers are the mother (father) of the parent family and her (him) the parent (s), in the calculation of the solvency of each of the co-borrower's income other than the principal place of work (retired), the program "Mortgage - young families" can take into account additional types of income.

2. At the request of the Borrower / co-borrower under the program "Mortgage young families" may be granted an extension in the repayment of the principal (an overall increase in the loan period up to 5 years):

the period of construction of the property, but not more than two years;

the birth of the child (ren) in the period of the loan agreement up to the (their) age of three.

Deferral of interest payments is not given.

If "young family" has a child, the bank may not extend credit to 80% of the purchase price and up to 85%. That is, the borrower is sufficient to have only 15% of the value of real estate.

It should be borne in mind in any particular branch of Sberbank to borrowers may have additional requirements that are not declared on the main official website of the bank. For example, at the discretion of the bank branch remains the question of the need for guarantors of borrowers and their quantity. Loan repayment period depending on the package of documents collected by the borrower, each branch of the Savings Bank also assigns an inpidual basis.

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